QC COVID 19 Coalition

The QC COVID-19 Coalition is a collaboration of Quad Cities area health, business, government and emergency management officials working to minimize the risk for community spread of COVID-19.

MEDIC EMS is the primary Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider in Scott County, Iowa. In addition to handling 911 Emergency responses in our coverage area, we also assist agencies in surrounding areas by providing mutual aid or paramedic tiers when the need arises.

Advanced Life

Support Tier

MEDIC EMS offers ALS Tiers to surrounding communities who operate at an EMT level. This allows these agencies to go en-route to the hospital and meet with one of our Paramedic Units in order to provide the patient with a higher level of care.

Mutual Aid


In the event that an agency in a surrounding community is in need of additional resources, MEDIC EMS will dispatch our nearest appropriate unit to provide assistance when resources are available.