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MEDIC EMS offers Critical Care Transport for patients requiring mechanical ventilation, bipap, arterial lines, intracranial pressure monitoring or other skills that may exceed the scope of practice for a paramedic. Our Critical Care Paramedics staff have successfully completed an Iowa approved CCP program and hold a valid endorsement from the state. Individuals holding this endorsement may perform additional skills under the Provider Scope of Practice and direction of a physician. Some critical care transports may require an appropriately trained RN or respiratory technician to assist our crew during transport. For more information on the CCP Program at MEDIC EMS, contact the MED-COM division at (563) 323-1000.


Select ambulances in our fleet are equipped with bariatric rigs. These ambulances have ramps and a winch installed to provide a safe and comfortable transport for our patients in wheelchairs, as well as assist our staff in the lifting process. Our bariatric system can transport a maximum weight of 1,200 lbs. and a maximum width of 25”. The bariatric system can be used for both non-emergent transfers and emergency 911 situations provided the patient is deemed stable by Medical Control and can wait for the system to be brought to the scene. Each situation is evaluated on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact the MED-COM division at (563) 323-1000.



MEDIC EMS realizes the value of a great educational experience. We partner with area community colleges to schedule their students’ time to ride with our crews in order to satisfy their clinical ride time requirements. For more information, please contact Kevin Lange at (563) 323-6806.





Recognized as an “ACE” Center of Excellence by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch since 2011, MEDIC EMS proudly services our community from the Scott Emergency Communications Center (SECC) in Scott County. Our location, combined with our Computer Aided Dispatch and other technology, allows MED-COM (our dispatch center) the ability to dispatch simultaneously for multiple agencies. Agencies who contract with MEDIC EMS for dispatching services are served by a team of educated, professional dispatchers utilizing emergency medical dispatch protocols established by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. MEDIC EMS carefully studies call volume for all agencies served by our MED-COM division to maintain optimal ambulance response times during peak demands in coverage areas. If you would like more information on our dispatching services, please contact Linda Frederiksen at (563) 323-6806.

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