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Billing Services

MEDIC EMS takes prides in the outstanding care we deliver to our patients.  This outstanding care doesn’t stop at the hospital doors; our helpful billing professionals are here to assist you in multiple ways.

Online Bill Pay

Pay your bill online by accessing our secure online payment portal

Payment by Phone

Make credit/debit card payment over the phone at 1-866-561-1420.

Make a payment by Check or Money Order

Payments can be mailed to:
PO Box 309
Orion, IL 61273

Who can I contact with questions about my bill?

Our friendly billing agents are always happy to answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to contact them at toll free 1-866-561-1420 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

How can I request a copy of my medical records?

In compliance with privacy laws, you may contact us directly at 1-866-561-1420 or by mail at: MEDIC EMS PO Box 309 Orion IL 61273 to request copies of your medical records.

Will my insurance cover an ambulance transport?

Each insurance policy is different with different criteria for ambulance coverage.  It is the responsibility of the patient to know their own coverage terms.  If in doubt, contact your insurance carrier at the number on your insurance card.  Even if your insurance covers ambulance transports there still might be out of pocket expenses which you might be responsible for.

Can I set up a payment plan?

If you are unable to pay your balance in full do not hesitate to contact one of our billing agents and they can work with you to set up a monthly payment plan that will work for you.

Needed Information

Before contacting us with questions or to make a payment please have the following information.

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Service
  • Account Number

    (Located on upper right
    hand corner of invoice)

For Billing Question Call:

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