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EAP Benefit Summary

Your Employee Assistance Program benefits are cost-free to you, confidential and available 24/7/365.

Phone-Based Support


Call Us any time you have an issue, concern or question.  You have 24/7 access to masters-level clinicians.

Telephonic Financial Consult

1 30-min session per issue

Speak with a financial professional about each separate issue, and access a free financial check-up, library and other financial tools at efr.org/financial 

Child Care Resources

as needed

Receive childcare resource referrals where locally available.  All referrals are state licensed/certified childcare providers.

In Person/Telehealth Counseling

6 sessions per issue per year

Arrange in-person counseling sessions with a licensed mental health therapist near your home or work.  Eash family member is eligible.

In Person or Tele legal Consult

1 30 min session per issue

Meet with a licensed attorney with expertise in your area of need.  Visit efr.org/legal for more information regarding retention and self-help legal documents

Identity Theft Resolution

as needed

Receive assistance with restoring identity and good credit from a highly trained FCRA certified fraud resolution specialist or licensed attorney.

Telephonic Life Coaching

6 session per year

Speak with a life coach and receive tailored advice on matters involving time management, work-life integration and other areas of personal growth.

Eldercare Resources

as needed

Access information, referral, resources, and support involving the care for an aging family member.

Additional Benefits

provided regularly

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