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Paramedic Division

Metro Operation

MEDIC EMS has provided paramedic ambulance services to the Quad Cities metro area for over 35 years. Responding to an average of over 90 emergency and non-emergency calls in Iowa and Illinois each day, our team of 175 Critical Care Paramedics, Paramedics, and EMTs work around the clock all year long to ensure our vision of a safe and healthy community.

Clinton Operation

MEDIC EMS provides Critical Care Paramedic and Paramedic level ambulance service for Mercy Medical Center in Clinton, Iowa. The city of Clinton and its surrounding areas also utilize MEDIC EMS for secondary 911 services when needed. MEDIC EMS also provides services to skilled and long-term care centers in the Clinton area.

Alternate Delivery Model (ADM) Operation

All across the nation, many smaller communities face the challenge of providing adequate access to emergency medical services. Since 1999, MEDIC EMS has met this challenge, staffing a full-time paramedic and volunteer EMT in Eldridge, LeClaire, and Blue Grass. Core missions for these operations range from offering low-cost community CPR education to providing free child passenger safety seat inspections.

Med-Com Division

Recognized as an “ACE” Center of Excellence by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch since 2011, MEDIC EMS proudly services our community from the Scott Emergency Communications Center (SECC) in Scott County. Our location, combined with our Computer Aided Dispatch and other technology, allows MED-COM (our dispatch center) the ability to dispatch simultaneously for multiple agencies. Agencies who contract with MEDIC EMS for dispatching services are served by a team of educated, professional dispatchers utilizing emergency medical dispatch protocols established by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. MEDIC EMS carefully studies call volume for all agencies served by our MED-COM division to maintain optimal ambulance response times during peak demands in coverage areas. If you would like more information on our dispatching services, please contact Linda Frederiksen at (563) 323-6806.

Transportation Division

Since 2003, MEDIC EMS has provided contracted ambulatory transportation and courier services for agencies in our community. Whether we’re taking your employees to an Occupational Medicine office or therapy visits, or transporting packages or equipment between offices, our Transportation Division is here to serve you. Call us for more information.

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